Fascinating, entertainment – with a smooth atmosphere.

The DD entertainer Dan Berlin astonishes you and your guests at corporate and business events and partys. With magic to perfection, comedy and charm, Dan Berlin will fascinate the audience and make them laugh at the same time. He has broken the ice in seconds and has everyone involved in wonders.

Fascinating Entertainment

Entertainment that doesn’t need a stage. The magician Dan Berlin from Dusseldorf performs his magic in direct contact with your guests, he celebrate close-up magic with charm and a nice smile. Even the most reserved guests joining in as he is performing his act right before your eyes and in your own hands with illusions that have a very special effect: astounding, funny and fascinating
Dan Berlin’s secret is his combination of comedy entertainment and magic. This young comedy magician from Germany has enthralled audiences all over the world: on his world tour through Australia, Asia, Africa and all around his home city of Düsseldorf. Walking-Act and table magician the finest art of magic.
He performs his stage show at events in top international hotels, gala shows and even close-up miracles at your table. Experience a magical show full of surprises like you has never seen before, and even if you have already seen everything: Dan Berlin will amaze you and make you smile and wonder.

Pure excitement

The unique atmosphere of the event is most important for you and your guests. It will be full of glamour, charm and elegance, because Dan Berlin from Dusseldorf combines the mysterious and magical world with comedy, making it the best gift you can offer to your guests. He is an entertainer who has taken magic to a new level. Make sure you will book Dan Berlin if you really want to discover an amazing magic performance. His experience, whether with close-up magic or a stage show has earned him fame all around the globe! His art of performing table magic is astonishing, which certainly makes him one of the best entertainer.
Let’s not forget that he has been playing an active role as a real charity Magician. He considers that this is the most amazing feeling, being near to those people in need, whether they are kids or older people. A smile on their faces provides more satisfaction than all the money in the world.

Relaxed atmosphere

If you are you planning a corporate event, a trade show, a company party or a club anniversary and looking for top magicians from Dusseldorf or Germany, don’t hesitate to book Dan Berlin! Your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours. There is easy option available for booking via email or phone.

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