Dan Berlin is a close up magician who will enchant his audience right in front of their eyes. Let your guests become enthralled in magical moments where the unbelievable happens so close to them. This magic is a special kind of magic that is not performed by a magician on a distant stage but right in front of the audience with baffling visual effects.

This kind of magic separates the wheat from the chaff because every professional magician is an excellent close up magician. You can rest assured that your guests will be amazed and fascinated by magician Dan Berlin’s close up magic. The special thrill of a close up magician develops due to his proximity to the audience which makes it so much more baffling.


Close up magician Dan Berlin – A visual close up magic miracle

The magician from Düsseldorf knows his trade like no one else. With seemingly mundane everyday items, the magician makes the impossible possible right in front of his guests. Magician Dan Berlin conjures and enchants, and when his guests think they have finally seen through one of his tricks, they are usually surprised. With each new trick of the magician their amazement just grows and grows. Magic knows no boundaries and this makes close up magic with magician Dan Berlin such a special experience for any of your events. The advantages of a professional close up magician:

  •  baffles, enchants your guests in small groups and directly at their table
  • miracles happen right in front of your eyes; magic can really be this close
  • close up magic gives your event an incredible entertainment boost
  • a close up magician breaks the ice between your guests in seconds
  • The magician let the guests participate in his show
  • a close up magician creates wonderful memories for your guests
  • the event experience with a professional magician becomes a long-lasting memory


Close up magic with magician Dan Berlin – A close up magician right among your guests

Close up magician Dan Berlin breaks the ice between your guests with ease and amazes them during your event. Your guests will have a lot to talk about after seeing magician Dan’s Show. Close up magic is perfectly suited for company occasions, birthdays, weddings, opening ceremonies, or stand-up receptions. Magician Dan makes close up magic possible for nearly all kinds of events. Your guests will not get another chance to see magician Dan Berlin perform so close, so easily again.

Magician Dan even allows the guests to examine his props. There is nothing more baffling than to perform a magic trick right in the hands of your guests, right? Give your guests, customers, or employees a reason to enthusiastically talk about your event with the magician for months on end. Close up magic is a special kind of entertainment which magician Dan Berlin hast mastered to utmost perfection. Your guests will thank you for this experience with magician Mr. Berlin.


Your close up magician for any event

The professional magician Dan Berlin not only performs in Düsseldorf or Cologne, but also everywhere in Germany or German-speaking regions. As an experienced close up magician, he can amaze any kind of audience and if you have international guests, it is easy for magician Dan to conduct the whole show in English.

With magician Dan Berlin, you not only book an experienced close up magician who will cater his show directly to your guests and your requirements, you also create an event that you and your guests will never forget.

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