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Magician Dan Berlin will make your corporate event unforgettable for your guests, employees, and customers. The magician from Düsseldorf gears his magic show directly to your company and requirements. Your company’s logo will be directly incorporated into the magician Dan‘s show, to name just one example. Modern magic and close up magic with a charismatic magician will break the ice at your event and give your guests something to talk about. Magician Dan Berlin’s programm will keep this event remain fresh in your guest’s memories for a long time.

The magician is a guarantee for a good atmosphere and smiling faces. Comedy and entertainment are always welcome. Magician Dan brings amazement, grins, and big laughs in your company’s event.

Corporate Magician Dan Berlin will gladly print your company logo on his card games! Your company’s logo will be present throughout the whole magic show.


A corporate magician with international experience at your company’s event

Experienced corporate magician Dan Berlin offers a convincing entertainment program. With his shows, the magician has already amazed countless customers and employees in many different German cities. The magician can even show a few international shows in his portfolio.

Magician Dan has been in Vietnam, South Africa, UK, Australia, Singapore, Kenya, Laos, and New Zealand. Do you have an international audience? Magician Dan Berlin can conduct his magic show in English with ease.


A corporate magician breaking the ice at your company’s event

Corporate Magician Dan’s refreshing magic skills will break the ice at any of your company’s events and will give your guests something exciting to talk about. The magician presents charming comedy that engages the audience on the stage or he practices close up magic right in the middle of your guests. This is what magician Dan can do best.

Magician Dan Berlin engages his audience in seconds and shows no boring, standard, one-man show tricks, but amazing miracles that happen right in the hands of your guests or employees.

  • Magician Dan Berlin enchants you and your guests with amazing illusions and surprises. You will witness how things magically disappear or money duplicates right in the hands of your guests.
  • You, your guests, and employees will the thoroughly entertained by magician Dan. It does not matter if the show is a surprise or a long-known feature of your event.
  • The show can be modified and catered directly to your wishes and requirements for the event. Decide yourself what programme magician Dan shows at your corporate event.


Entertainment with magician Dan Berlin for your corporate event

The show of magician Mr. Berlin can easily incorporate specific topics or themes, as per your requirement, and will create unique memories for your guests without negatively leaving an impression as pure infotainment.

The corporate magician will make your event more than just a short positive experience. Your employees and customers will be motivated in the long term as they are more easily committed to your company if they have fond memories of your company’s event with magician Dan.


Dan Berlin – The magician for your corporate event

Your event with magician Dan Berlin will become a thrilling success. You will garner breathtaking feedback and experience an event that your employees and customers will talk about for months. Corporate magician Dan promise for you:

  • a unique comedy magic show with a great personality and a charming and surprising magician
  • a wonderfully charming engagement of the audience, whether it consists of employees or customers
  • a magician who has many years of professional experience from on national and international stages
  • no boring standard magician shows but original and modern magic
  • all of the show’s elements work under many different circumstances. You can decide how strong your corporate image will be emphasized in magician Dan’s show.

Take a look at the promotional video with magician Dan from other corporate and large-scale events, as pictures tell more than a thousand words. Convinced? Magician Dan will be glad to perform for you as your corporate magician.

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