The year 2010 changed my life …. and that in two ways. It has always been my biggest dream to travel around the world. I fulfilled that dream – I traveled with my show to Australia. Because it was so much fun to travel through other countries, I flew from Sydney to Singapore and traveled around Asia for another year.
But sightseeing is a bit boring in the long run – so I escaped the big cities and sought out places where no tourist has ever been before. The adventure began … and I brought my passion to locals who had never experienced magic before. The astonished eyes of the people were unforgettable and make me happy ever since. Therefore I travel from now on every year on my own to disadvantaged countries… to make people smile.

For this reason I travelled on my World Tour in 2010 through the poorer regions in Asia and I amazed people in Africa 2013.
It is a wonderful and priceless feeling to bring happiness to people worldwide with my passion.
The Düsseldorf Magician Dan Berlin already fascinated peopple in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand as well as Vietnam and he will continue his magic trip in the future.
Whether Schools or kindergartens, he brings the little ones wonder and amazement and offers free workshops, where children can learn magic. In Germany Dan Berlin from Dusseldorf performs for various charity organizations such as the Children’s Hospice, World Vision and many other institutions for children in need. Early 2013, he traveled for two months through Africa. Dan Berlin made the people laugh and wonder with magic and comedy and it remains interest where he will amaze people next year.

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