Dan Berlin

“My name is Dan Berlin and I am a professional magician from Duesseldorf, Germany.

I will involve you and your guests in my fun and entertaining magic show. As a comedy magician I amaze everyone on private occasions as well as large events. My worldwide engagement as a charity magician along with pictures and videos of my two year world tour through Australia and Asia can be found on this website. My international references as a magician guarantee a breathtaking and fascinating show!”

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Magician for hire and entertainer Dan Berlin

Early on in his life, Dan Berlin discovered magic for himself. So he decided to become a professional magician for hire. With creativity, discipline, and diligence, Dan perfected his talent and developed his own magic show. He conducted his first show in front of friends and relatives and quickly noticed that he was born to be a magician and entertainer – the star of the show. Mr. Berlin noticed early on in his career as a magician that the audience wants to be not only amazed and fascinated by magic tricks, but that they need to have fun. The magician developed a unique entertainment program, with amazing magic and bright comedy working in unison. Because of this, the magician for hire from Düsseldorf became the first professional comedy magician in North Rhine-Westphalia.


How a magician for hire travelled around the world and made everyone smile

With his charming and charismatic character, entertainer and magician Dan Berlin has amazed guests on private occasions and at official events in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany, but his dream was to travel around the globe as a magician for hire, have new experiences, and lift his magic to a new level. In 2010, the magician made this dream reality and travelled to Australia and New Zealand.

After this magician Dan Berlin continued his adventure in Southeast Asia. During this journey, he met a lot of magicians for hire and other entertainers, and he exchanged experiences and ideas with them. Some of these ideas are still present in his current magic show. In Asia, magician Dan often left the usual tourist routes behind and travelled in regions where life is difficult. The magician showed his magic to young children in many poor villages, reaping their joyful smiles for his tricks and magic.

Through connecting his dream to travel around the world as a magician and his desire to make people laugh, a new and unique charity project was born. Since then, Dan Berlin, magician for hire has been conducting magic shows for disadvantaged children around the world. Pictures and videos from his last magical journey as a magician through Africa can be found here.


Book Dan Berlin the magician for hire for your private occasion

The professional magician, entertainer, and comedy sorcerer for hire, Dan Berlin, is a real highlight for your event and will make it unforgettable. His elegant ways, his charming character, and his unique magic show will make your occasion an extraordinary event.

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or a family occasion, your guests will be amazed and laugh a lot. Magician Dan will break the ice between your guests, and they will have something to talk about for weeks!

For weddings, magician Dan Berlin has developed a special show around romance and love. Make the most important day of your life an unforgettable event for your guests!



Enrich your official corporate event with Dan Berlin the magician for hire