The highlight of your wedding : Magician Dan Berlin

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Magician and wedding? Have you thought about this before? One thing is for sure: This combination is for you and your wedding guests to a memorable event .

The date is . The location is booked . The guest list is written and sent out the invitations . Now you and your partner are only a few steps from your mutual ” Yes ” away. It’s almost time – your big day when you enter the harbor of marriage is coming !

Most preparations have been made by you , butthat certain somethingfor the day of your wedding party – or rather for the most beautiful day of your life – you still need ? You want to not only keep you as a bride and groom your wedding in a beautiful memory, but also your wedding guests provide an incredible experience that you take home and from which they firmly remain friends , relatives and acquaintances ? How about a magician for your wedding, for the good entertainment and many magical moments provides ?


The Wizard will make your wedding a memorable event

Do you want your loved ones during the photo shoot on your wedding does not have to wait and bridge this time with a fascinating conversation? the Wizard Dan Berlin enchant your wedding guestswith his magic show.

While you and the best day at the center , for example, in your life. Is held by a professional photographer , the magician makes your wedding celebration for the entertainment and much fun at the wedding guests . So you can relax your most beautiful moment in intimate and familiar togetherness enjoy having to have that bore your wedding guests on your wedding without fear. Let the conversation the magician Dan Berlin.

Depending on whether the wedding reception takes place in a small or large scale , the bride and groom have to worry sometimes to a large number of wedding guests .

It is not always easy to make all wedding guests right, because they want to , after all, be entertained and amused. Dan Berlin as a magician creates within redress where the couple times has no time , but perhaps a moment away from the wedding celebration , would like to have for themselves.

Would you like that new guests with all the other directly understand well and have the whole wedding party talk about ?
At some weddings , it is possible that many people meet, who only on this particular day the chance to know each other. Often it is not necessarily easy to find the right foundation or a topic for conversation .


Great entertainment at your wedding with the magician Dan Berlin

Dan Berlin, the magician who breaks with its enchanting Charm and humor within seconds the ice and binds all the wedding guests harmoniously into his show with a . It acts as a magician , not only on stage but refers the wedding guests directly to your tables with a . Amazing miracles happen before your eyes, and even in the hands of your guests. He impressed with his impressive and unique way show off his magic tricks. To find wedding guests fast a starting point to start a conversation . The magician Dan Berlin bends first start-up difficulties of getting to know before your wedding and loosens up the atmosphere .

So a relaxed get-together and together with the best entertainment is guaranteed . Give your wedding guests a memorable and magical event that will transform your wedding into a single highlight. Instead of your guests wanting Keep the fun more or less typical play a wedding, they chat with a live band or they get bored with many long speeches – they provide but instead with a magician , aextraordinary attractionWhich they will experience not soon .


Entertainment for adults and children at your wedding with magician Dan Berlin

The magician Dan Berlin on your wedding you have in the truest sense of the word ace up its sleeve . Make your wedding a highlightfor your guests – no matter what age .

Are you and your wedding guests, whether large or small, witnesses of floating rings or magical money making . Your wedding is a success , astonished eyes and clapping hands are guaranteed and a wedding party of your guests will talk about for a long time love it!

This day is a magic between the bride and groom. Make this special event just as magical for your guests. Let them share in the magic of this special event by being pulled from the magician by his tricks and stunts in his spell.

Great conversations

Cut from the Wizard for you – individual program for your wedding

The wizard provides a tailored to weddings magic program at that involves the bride and groom romantic and magical with . The program turnsLove and connection– The main reasons for a wedding.

To get a first impression of the magician Dan Berlin and its way to charm his audience , just watch the promo video on the topic of marriage . A picture is worth a thousand words. The magic really understand , but you can not if you’ve been there yourself .

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